Learn about how our product works
What does Loaner do for me?
Banks in the U.S. charged almost $10B of overdraft fees last year.
The average overdraft fee is $25, and Loaner makes sure you NEVER get hit with one.

We help you keep an eye on your balance by alerting you when your account is in danger of overdraft.
And whenever you’re in a pinch, you can get cash (fast) with Loaner. Up to $500 with no fee, no interest, and no credit check.

Prevent overdraft and cover unexpected expenses before your next paycheck hits.
How does Loaner know if I’m at risk of overdraft?
Link your external bank account to Loaner and we’ll send you alerts when your account balance falls below a certain threshold, or if an upcoming recurring bill will put you at risk of overdraft.

Then, you can apply for a Loaner cash advance to ensure you don’t overdraft before your next paycheck comes.
How fast can I get a Loaner cash advance?
Cash can be in your account and ready to spend in less than 5 minutes.
How do I get a Loaner cash advance?
We’ll spot you up to $500 at a time to prevent overdraft and cover unexpected expenses before your paycheck hits.

Step 1) Connect your external bank account.
Loaner analyzes your transaction history, instead of running a credit check.

Step 2) Choose the amount of cash you need.

Step 3) We deposit that cash immediately to your Loaner account.
Spend it using your Loaner virtual debit card, or transfer it to your external bank account.

Step 4) Pay us back when you can.
We determine the time within 30 days when you’re best able to pay us back, based on your external bank account transaction history and current balance. At that time, we’ll transfer the repayment from your external bank account. If you don’t have sufficient funds to pay us back at that time, we’ll reach out. You can’t get another cash advance until repayment, but don’t worry – you are not personally liable for the funds, there’s no interest, and your credit score will never be affected.
What are Loaner tips?
Tips are optional when you get a Loaner cash advance.
Tips help us keep our business running and for every percentage tip you leave, we provide a meal to an animal in need via Rescue Bank.
How much does Loaner cost?
Membership access is $1/month. Cash advances (available up to $500), overdraft alerts, and budget tracking are all free for members.

Your monthly subscription goes toward keeping our services up and running (all our user bank accounts, money movements, external bank connections, sms messaging, web/app hosting – all that good stuff!)